We are all aware that out of sheer compassion and love towards us, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji did saptha sarga Sundarakanda parayana throughout the year for loka kalyanam. Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji is continuing the saptha sarga parayana until 8th July 2016. If done so, it is called Mahasaptha Sarga Parayana. This 476 days parayana gifts participants with extraordinary results..

To participate in all pujas for 68 days – $251

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Program Highlights

  • Saptha Sarga Sundara Kanda parayana
  • 7 Sargas from Srimad Ramayana
  • 4 Vedas Chanting
  • Sundarakanda Homa with Sri Rama Manthram
  • Chanting of full Sundarakanda each day
  • Whole Vedic Chanting will be completed 3 times in 68 days

Everyone can participate in this magnanimous prayer for universal welfare by chanting Sundarakanda or have it chanted on your gothra namas. Don’t miss this opportunity! LET US JOIN AND GET THE BLESSINGS OF SRI SITA RAMA and HANUMAN.

Program Details

5:15 AM Gopuja
5:30 AM Ankshepa Ramayana, Sundarakanda saptha sarga parayana, Sri suktha parayana,
6:30 AM Sundarakanda sampurna parayana
7:30 AM Chathur Veda Parayana (Rig, Thaitthiriya, Kanva, Maithrayani sakhas, Yajur veda, Sama Veda, Attharvana Veda)
8:30 AM Sahasranama Archana, kunkuma archana
9:00 AM Sundarakanda saptha sarga havan, Sudarsana Homam
10:00 AM SitaRama Kalyanam
11:00 AM Sri Ramayana Parayana
11:30 AM Purnahuthi, Mangalasasanam, Thirttha Prasada distribution