HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji arrived at Portland on Oct 12th 2011 evening and stayed until Oct 13th 2011 afternoon. During the stay, JETUSA Oregon center organized a discourse on Sri Ramayana followed by Sri Rama Puja at Portland Balaji temple on Oct 12th evening and Sri Sudarasana homam on Oct 13th morning. Around 250 devotees participated in the divine kainkaryam of Sri Rama Puja. Sri Swamiji gave an inspirational discourse with many examples from Valmiki Ramayana.  HH Sri Swamiji elucidated with slokas from Valmiki Ramayana explaining that Sri Rama although an avatara of Lord Srimannarayana lived and conducted himself as a man. Sri Swamiji shared that all the devathas appeared after Rama killed Ravana and said “bhava:n na:ra:yano: de:va:ha si:tha: lakshmi:hi.” (“O My Lord!You are none else than Na:ra:yana and Si:tha is Lakshmi”). Sri Swamiji mentioned that Rama humbly stated “a:thma:na:m ma:nusham manye: ra:mam dasarattha:thmajam (It means “I am son of king Dasaratha. Hence I am a man”). Quoting this, Sri Swamiji made devotees understand that Sri Ramayana is the history of a real man who lived on this Earth with flesh and bones and we all should follow and practice Sri Rama in our life and listen to Sri Krishna for guidance.  Sri Swamiji motivated one and all to face the challenges in life with same courage that Srirama exhibited for us to follow. Sri Swamiji stressed the importance of treating our body as a temple and the importance of satvik aahara in our life.

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In a wonderful manner, Sri Swamiji led all the devotees perform Sri Rama Puja with love explaining every step in detail and the divinity and joy was there to be experienced at the mandapam. HH Sri swamiji gave mangalasasanams to the temple priest Sriman Rajagopal swami, temple managers, JETUSA Oregon organizers, volunteers and devotees at large.
During His stay at vididi and devotee home visits, Sri Swamiji educated one and all about the seva activities and encouraged local community to take part in them. We would like to thank all the volunteers for making the program a big success.