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“Prajna is the ability to translate good knowledge into action.”

2016-2017 academic year registrations are now open for all locations


Registrations are now open for all locations. Join us to reserve a spot so that we can order books and material for you.
Registration form is available at http://www.prajna4me.org/main/


$200 for each student. If there are 2 or more students from a family, there is a provision to pay $40 less per each additional student. Fee includes books and 1 Prajna bag per student.


4 The Love of Dance (next to Spice Bazaar in Frisco)
(4681 Ohio Dr, Suite 116,
Frisco, TX 75035)
Frisco Richwoods Community
(13759 Boyle Ln, Frisco, TX 75035)
East Plano
(6440 Texana Way, Plano, TX 75074)
IXL Academy
(773 S MacArthur Blvd #225, Coppell, TX 75019)
(208 Rio Grande Dr, Irving, TX 75039)
(2501 Brandon Dr,
Lewisville, TX 75056)
Module 1 (Beginning Slokas) Sunday 10.00 A.M to 11.00 A.M Sunday
10 AM to 11 AM
(5610AlpenroseAve, Frisco, TX 75035
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
9 AM to 10 AM
Not offered Not offered
Module 2 (Pra:thah Smaraniyam Slokas) Sunday 10.00 A.M to 11.00 P.M Sunday
10 AM to 11 AM
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
10 AM to 11 AM
Not offered Not Offered
Module 3 (Hayagri:va Sthothram) Sunday 9.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M Sunday
9 AM to 10 AM
Not Offered Not Offered ***Saturday***
9 AM to 10 AM
Not Offered
Module 4 (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1) Sunday 9.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M Not Offered Sunday
9 AM to 10 AM
10 AM to 11 AM
Not Offered Not Offered
Moduel 5 (Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma Sthothram) Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered Not offered

About Prajna:

Prajna is a curriculum designed to teach children about Vedic culture, heritage and humanitarian values such as truth, non-violence, courage, loyalty, respect, tolerance, and service. Prajna curriculum is designed such that the course material aligns with the physical, mental and spiritual growth of a child and helps in the child’s personality development. Prajna has 6 modules (grades) till date and is expanding.

  1. Listen to stories that teach about our festivals, culture and value with an answer to every question those little minds can think of!
  2. They are given fun exercises following the story that make them think and apply the information they learnt from it.
  3. Learn and chant some important prayers for everyday life.
  4. Sing melodious bhajans.
  5. Understand and practice some basic principles of Yoga.

It is an educational experience for both you and your child. From Puranas, Itihasas, and Vedas, students learn stories, slokas and bhajans. Prajna teachers are trained by HH Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji and his accomplished disciples to impart the best Vedic knowledge to our children.


Module 1: Students are taught prayers that sanctify everyday activities such as waking up, bathing, eating, traveling, etc. They are taught the stories that talk about the relevance of festivals.

Module 2: Students are taught prayers that are chanted in the morning such as Haryashtakam, Krishna:shtakam, Guru Parampara, Pancha:yudha Sto:tram etc. The stories they learn deal with how to show devotion and respect for mother and father (Ma:tru de:vo:bhava, Pitru de:vo:bhava).

Module 3: As part of prayers, they are taught Hayagri:va sto:tram which enhances their memory and retention which is required in their learning at school. Students at this age enter formal schooling and need to learn how to show respect and devotion towards their teachers and how to cultivate good and loyal friendships. The stories in this module are designed accordingly (A:cha:rya de:vo:bhava, sne:ham).

Module 4: This module lays a sound foundation for the kids to turn into responsible and wise young adults. As part of prayers, Srimad Bhagavad Gita is started and chapter 1 is taught. We learn and benefit from the nature and people around us. The one quality we all need to cultivate is “gratitude”. This module deals with stories that teach kids about Gratefulness (Krutajnata), the importance of good communication skills (ma:ta ti:ru), and Wisdom (Jna:nam).

Module 5: In this module, students learn about great Rishis who have contributed to our knowledge of science and cosmos. They learn from the stories of great sages important qualities such as self-control, sacrifice, passion for excellence, thirst for knowledge, etc. They continue learning Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 in this module.

Module 6: In this module students learn the following – Vedic literature at a glance, Essence of Itihasas, Puranas, Agamas and Prabandhas. They continue learning Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3.

Students from each module are encouraged to join VT Seva (Volunteering Together) to translate what they have learnt in Prajna classes into action, and participate in social service activities. VT Seva helps Prajna students by providing them with opportunities to get social service hours required as part of their school credit system. It helps children develop into strong and service-oriented young adults.

Contact Information:

Mohanchand Koduri
Dallas Prajna Coordinator

Sridevi Indukuri
JET DFW Coordinator