HH Sri Swamiji observed Cha:turma:sa deeksha in NJ

Sri Swamiji observed Cha:turma:sa deeksha in Sept 2010, while staying in the Jeeyar Asramam. During the Cha:turma:sa deeksha, Sri Swamiji gave discourses about our great Acharyas (Guru Parampara), and we learned about our Vedic culture as well as history. Sri Swamiji utilized this time to enhance the Prajna syllabus, text books, story books and work books. [...]

Jeeyar Ashramam, NJ

In Aug, 2008 on the auspicious day of Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s Tirunakshtram (100th birthday) NJ devotees were blessed to have their own place for Prajna. The place was named as Jeeyar Ashramam. From that day on we are fortunate to witness all the great and sacred things happening such as Sudarshana homams, Swamiji’s visits, celebrating [...]

Prajna Started

JET USA, started its first Learning Center;Prajna in the summer of 2003 in Plainsboro,NJ. Prajna a series of classes developed to learn about Vedic knowledge and culture was established by HH Sri Sri Sri chinna jeeyar Swamiji. Prajna which started in a few centers now has about 120 centers country wide.

Music classes started in JET-NJ chapter

With the divine Mangalasasanams of H.H. Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, she started teaching Carnatic Music classes in 2000 at Plainsboro, NJ along with Prajna classes for JeeyarEducationTrust. All the funds from these music classes and Prajna classes are donated to JET. About the classes: Carnatic Music Vocal for adults and kids (min [...]